We’re a team of diverse professionals from all walks of life; copywriters, developers, graphic designers, photographers and strategists. Although one might call it fate, we’re damn sure it was our collective love for food and goofing around that brought us together. But seriously, as much as we like to play, we take our work uber seriously; our portfolio will serve as proof to that statement.


Equip the client with strategies and creatives that elevate their brand proposition.

Our core values

At Codum, We believe in innovation and perseverence. we continuously strive towards giving solutions, stategies and campaigns to our clients which brings the clients not just likes and comments but brings in value.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Subha Murugan
SEO Specialist

The resident SEO expert at Codum, Subha is the kind of person who doesn’t say much, but can be lethal when she does string words together.

Anirudh BTK
SMM Specialist

The go-to client servicing guy at Codum, Anirudh is the youngest of the lot and handles some of the content and social marketing efforts.

Jose Leontious Dennis
Brand Associate

A soft-spoken guy, Leo is the business development manager at Codum and the one who breaks your line of thought with sweet-treats every other day.

Vinudha Devadoss
Front End Developer

The resident frontend developer at Codum, Vinudha is that one person who compensates for all the trouble/noisemakers at the office; calm and composed 24/7.

Jai Shyam
Assistant Manager of Sales

Holding the title Assistant Manager of Sales, Jai Shyam is the Yul Brynner of team Codum, with the only exception of a mustache and glasses.

Shanmuga Raj
Sr. Digital Marketeer

The latest to join the team, Shanmuga Raj holds the position of Sr.Digital Marketeer at Codum. We’re yet to find something funny to write about him.


Our team has grown from two to over 15 people, as our agency has expanded and developed over the years. We are based in
New York, USA and our team come from all over the world.

Mukesh Devanathan
Director of Operations & Technology

An ultra hardcore techie and the other managing partner, Mukesh is the pillar upon which Codum stands (pun intended).

+91 9940721009
Jaidev Menon
Director of Sales & BDM

Armed with a laptop, his beard and always in tip top form, you’ll know the brain behind Codum the moment you see him. 

+91 7550003530
Praveen Inbarajan
Head of Digital Marketing

The witty soul of team Codum, Praveen is a digital marketing whizkid and quite the talker when it comes to the job at hand.

+91 9962993269